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Library License Agreement

The licensee agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this non-exclusive agreement:

1) All footage is licensed on a non-exclusive basis for use only in the production named in this agreement and may not be re-licensed or re-used.
2) When master materials have been ordered, the licensee will be liable for the Minimum job fee regardless of whether or not any footage is used in the production.
3) All invoices shall be settled and paid in full before collection or delivery of master material. This license is not valid until it has been signed and returned to CTLL together with written declaration of usage and all invoices paid.
4) Within five days of completion of the production, the licensee will supply a VHS copy of the complete edited production to CTLL together with declaration of usage.
5) Within 30 days of completion date of the production or cancellation date, the licensee will return all master materials and copies not physically incorporated into the production. To be sent by normal post.
6) The Licensee or its agents shall be responsible for all courier, messenger, handling, copying and laboratory charges incurred.
7) Where credits are given in the production, it will credit the source of footage as "Time - Lapse Photography by Maxim Ford" or "Computerised Time - Lapse Library".
8) A shot means the continuous uncut sequence of footage used in the production.
9) The laws of England shall govern this agreement.
10) Payment is based on the amount of master material ordered unless and alternative arrangement is made.

time lapse by Maxim Ford