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A unique Time Lapse camera rig allowing you to film Time Lapse but with graceful camera moves.

It pans, tilts, tracks and zooms. It operates off small batteries allowing it to go anywhere in the world.Adjustable exposure times and special filters allow anything to be filmed from the faintest star filled sky to the brightest mid-day sun.

The cameras are controlled by computers. The computer controller moves the camera through up to 20 pre-set positions. The camera operates from 2 frames per second down to one frame every few hours. One Computer program allows the camera to go faster, speeding the action up, or slower, Another to lock on to the sun and follow it from any point on earth.

We use two light weight modified Cameflex 35mm cameras and come with a complete set of lenses and filters. They have been used in all conditions from the Argentina desert to the Arctic Circle.


* 5 time-lapse cameras, 3 motorised zooms, 2 motorised heads and a dolly with 13 metres of track
* Portable can be carried, driven, rowed or flown anywhere.
* Cameras dedicated to time-lapse filming.
* Modular system for complete flexibility.
* Computer controlled for speed, accuracy and to save save time.
* Experienced camera people shooting time lapse for the last 10 years.
* Battery operated.
* Two cameras for the price of one!
* All film formats.
* Exposure calculated by computer for speed and accuracy.
* Accurate Sun prediction.
* Video Assist.
* Animation facility.


* Screw in filters prevent back reflections.
* High density filters up to 20 stops for long exposure and radical change in the look and structure of the picture.
* Colour correction, polarising and graduated filters.

time lapse by Maxim Ford