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Maxim Ford Director



Peoples March for Jobs (Cinema Advert) (1981)

Made a me and a group of friends to support the struggle against unemployment

Live a Life

Based on a concert at the Rainbow a documentary giving voice to the young unemployed.

London Film Festival

Policing London(1984)

Documentary banned then used by the Police in training.

"A Hymn of hate against the Police" Daily Mail

Say No to No Say- (1984) Cinema Advert

Cinema Commecial

Village Without Worry

Effects of aid on a Bangladesh village

Action for Jobs(1985)



The Road to Gdansk 1985

Channel Four


HOT NEWS (1986)

Documentary about energy use and global warming

NORTH (1987) 40 minutes Channel Four
Documentary about the North East of England, where unemployment is soaring, and a solution to the problem is nowhere in sight. Once the rivers of North East England teemed with industry and were the Empire's arteries. Now they drain a dying landscape. But, geographical divisions only compound those of class. NORTH is a visual essay set to music; a colourful montage of images of the region and combibned to explore its history.

Best Film Santaree Film Festival

Nominated Grieson Award

Oberhasen Film Festival

GAIA (1992) 11 minutes

Film Four

Avant Guarde short film about a girl who runs from the town

London Fim Festival


Channel Four 50 minutes

Documentary about the capitalism coming to Poland and Capitalim around the World.


Emma Zunz

My student film made while a student and the Polish Film School








time lapse by Maxim Ford